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Let Us Lift Up Your Smile


There is much literature and clinical evidence to show that early treatment is the most effective treatment to help with correction of malocclusions and facial esthetics. Our patients may range in age from 7 years to 60 or so years of age. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends examining children at 7 years of age in order to diagnosis and correct conditions which can adversely affect dental and facial growth and development. At our office we see and have treated patients of many diverse ethnicities. No malocclusion is ever the same and each patient represents a challenge we except and give the utmost attention and expertise drawing from a large bank of clinical knowledge and experience.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you on your first visit to our office. During this time, we will help you get acquainted with our office and learn about your orthodontic treatment needs. During this time, we will help you get acquainted with our office and after your examination discuss your orthodontic treatment needs. Your first orthodontic visit will consist of an examination and discussion of potential treatment options. This important visit will address your orthodontic needs and it will allow us to determine when is the proper time to begin treatment. We will provide a complete diagnosis and treatment plan for the course of your treatment at the initial appointment. If it is determined to be the proper time to begin treatment then orthodontic records for a complete and thorough analysis and diagnosis will be taken. Along with the outline of your treatment, the goals, estimated time in treatment and estimated fees will be given. We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent, and as such, we provide ample time to answer your questions.


In order to help speed up your initial consultation please come in with your forms already filled out. For your convenience you may download our PDF formatted forms from the forms section of our website.

Financial Information

It is our mission to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Please ask us about financing options, credit card payments and bank drafts. We thoroughly explain your options, so that we can accommodate your needs.

For your convenience, we offer ways to finance your orthodontic treatment:
1) Pay in full and receive a discount.
2) In house financing - a percentage down and installments over
    the course of treatment (no interest)
3) Advance Care Credit Card is offered to those seeking another
    option. Get approved now!:  


Patient Emergency Information

Call our office as soon as possible if you break or loosen any of your appliances. Please do not come directly to the office. By calling us, you will allow us to create a time to see you. Even if you have a regular appointment scheduled, call us immediately to notify us if you need an appliance repaired.

Loose brackets

Call our office immediately for advice if a bracket or wire is loosened. The bracket may need to be re-fitted as soon as possible. You may have a situation that requires cutting a wire or sliding a bracket off a wire at night or over the weekend. If you need to cut a wire in case of emergency, you may use fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. However, before cutting the wire make sure to place a gauze or cotton roll behind the end of the wire to catch it when you cut it. Please call our office the next business day, so that we may schedule an appointment for you.

Wire irritations

Sometimes discomfort caused by a wire on your braces can be resolved by moving the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or pencil eraser. If the wire will not move, try covering the end of it with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. If the wire is painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you cannot resolve the wire irritation, call our office for an appointment.